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Tax Return Preparation

A tax return is a filed form used for paying tax to the central or state government. The form is provided by the government (taxation authority) to citizens for filing in detail the:
  • Income earned
  • Expenses incurred
  • Deductions & rebates
The form helps in computing the actual tax liability. It includes all the related paperwork that is required while making tax remittance to the government.
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There are different tax return forms available for:
  • Individuals
  • Corporations
  • Partnership firms
  • Local authorities
  • Co-operative
It is statutory liability that a tax return be duly filled and signed by the person concerned and in case of a company or partnership by authorized director or partner respectively.
  • In case of an individual, it must be signed and verified by the person himself. If he is not able to sign due to illness, or any other reason, it must then be signed by any other person authorized to sign on his behalf.

  • In case of a Hindu Undivided Family, (HUF), the return should be signed and verified by the karta and, in his absence by any other adult member of such family.

  • In case of a partnership firm, the return should be signed and verified by its managing partner or an adult partner in his absence.
Accounting firms help individuals, corporations, partnerships firms and other organizations in filing accurate tax returns and on time. These professionals also help the companies prepare their tax returns. Since the document should contain detail on various Sources of Income, expenses incurred and other items, it is beneficial to outsource tax return preparation to them.

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