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Accounting Acronyms

AAA - American Accounting Association
AAER - Accounting and Auditing Releases
AAFI - Associated Accounting Firms International
AAG - Audit and Accounting Guides
ACA - Accreditation Council for Accountancy
ACRS - Accelerated Cost Recovery System
ADR - Asset Depreciation Range
AFR - Applicable Federal Rate
AGI - Adjusted Gross Income
AICPA - American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
AIS - Accounting Information System
AMT - Alternative Minimum Tax
AMTI - Alternative Minimum Taxable Income
APB - Accounting Principles Board
API - Accountants for the Public Interest
APBS - Accounting Principles Board Statements
ASB - Auditing Standards Board
ASCII - American Standard Code for Information Exchange
ASWA - American Society of Women Accountants
AWSCPA - American Woman's Society of Certified Public Accountants
CAFR - Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
CAPM - Capital Asset Pricing Model
CASB - Cost Accounting Standards Board
CD - Certificate of Deposit
CFA - Chartered Financial Analyst
CFO - Chief Financial Officer
CFP - Certified Financial Planner
CFC - Chartered Financial Consultant
CIA - Certified Internal Auditor
CIC - Chartered Investment Counselor
CICA - Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants
CIMC - Certified Investment Management Consultant
CIMS - Certified Investment Management Specialist
CISA - Certified Information Systems Auditor
CMA - Certified Management Accountant
CPA - Certified Public Accountant
CPA/PFS - Certified Public Accountant/Personal Financial Specialist
CPA/SEA - Certified Public Accountants' Society Executives Association
EC - Electronic Commerce
ED - Exposure Draft
EDI - Electronic Data Interchange
EDP - Electronic Data Processing

EFTS - Electronic Fund Transfer System
FAE - Foundation for Accounting Education
FAS - Financial Accounting Standards
FASBI - Financial Accounting Standards Board Interpretations
FGAA - Federal Government Accountant's Association
GAAFR - Governmental Accounting, Auditing, and Financial Reporting
GAAP - Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
GAAS - Generally Accepted Auditing Standards
GAGAS - Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards
GAS - Governmental Accounting Standards
GASB - Governmental Accounting Standards Board
GASBC - Concepts Statements of the Governmental Accounting Standards Board
GL - General Ledger
IAA - Internal Accounting Association
IAFP - International Association for Financial Planning
IAG - International Auditing Guidelines
IAI - Independent Accountants International
IAPC - International Auditing Practices Committee
IAS - International Accounting Standards
IASC - International Accounting Standards Committee
ICFA - Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts
ICFP - Institute for Certified Financial Planners
IFA - International Federation of Accountants
IIA - Institute of Internal Auditors
IMA - Institute of Management Accountants
LAN - Local Area Network
MAP - Management of an Accounting Practice
MCS - Management Consulting Services
MIS - Management Information System
NAAACPA - National Association of Asian American Certified Public Accountants
NAAI - National Association of Accountants in Insolvencies
NAARS - National Automated Accounting Research System
NAFC - National Accounting and Finance Council
NASBA - National Association of State Boards of Accountancy
NCCPAP - National Conference of CPA Practitioners
NCGA - National Council of Governmental Accounting
NPV - Net Present Value
NYSE - New York Stock Exchange
PA - Public Accountant
PFP - Personal Financial Planning
PFS - Personal Financial Specialist
PPBS - Program-Planning-Budgeting System
QC - Quality Control
QCP - Quality Control Policies and Procedures
QCS - Statements of Quality Control Standards
QCSI - Interpretations of Quality Control Standards
QR - Quality Review
RAP - Regulatory Accounting Principles
RIA - Registered Investment Adviser
ROI - Return on Investment
SAP - Statements on Auditing Procedure
SAS - Statements on Auditing Standards
SFAC - Statements of Financial Accounting Concepts
SFAS - Statements of Financial Accounting Standards
TAN - Tax Anticipation Note
VAT - Value-Added Tax
WIP - Work-In-Process

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