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Business Start up in India

A business enterprise is an entity or an economic institution pursuing an economic activity. It is an entity engaged in the manufacturing and/or distribution of goods and services. The purpose of a business enterprise is also to earn profits and acquire wealth.

The term 'business' has a very wide scope involving a large number of activities that can broadly be classified into Industry and Commerce. While the term 'Industry' includes all activities related to the production of goods/services, the term 'Commerce' includes all activities related to the distribution of these goods and services.

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Individuals or a group of enterprising individuals always seek opportunities to set up a profitable business and then building it into a successful concern. Starting a business needs careful planning in terms of choosing the product / service, resources required like workforce, materials, infrastructure, study of the market etc.

An individual or entrepreneur setting up a business has to consider the following for ensuring that he/she faces no problem while setting up a business. They are:
  • Making a business plan
  • Choice of product / service
  • Infrastructural set up
  • Business Registration
  • Selection of form of organization
  • Selecting business location
  • Product pricing
  • Business regulatory requirements
  • Sourcing finance
  • Sourcing infrastructural set up
The Commissionerate or Directorate of Industries is the nodal agency operating in different states, which helps, guides and gives advice to young and new entrepreneurs to start up an industrial unit in the respective state. The agency acts as an interface between the industry and the entrepreneur for industry inputs and enables him to get various industry related permits, approvals and clearances from various departments. The agency acts like a single-point, single window. It is beneficial for new entrepreneurs to take help of directorate of industries for setting up a business.

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